Eleven Days. Wow.


Eleven days. Eleven, eleven, eleven. But don’t think about that. Put that aside. Let’s see…

One thing leads to another, you know?  For example: my MacBook Pro did an odd thing yesterday morning. When I lifted the laptop lid the screen remained black. It was alive under the blackness; I know this because it successfully drove two external monitors, and they looked fine. Unfortunately, the part that was asking for a password—the fingerprint thing didn’t work; sometimes it asks for the password even with the fingerprint thing—the password part was under the blackness on my laptop screen. So I took it to the Apple store today, and I’m now working on an old computer. No worries, by the way: everything is backed up. Still, I was not happy about the situation.

Good comes along with the bad, though. When I got back from the Apple store, I found my wife, who sympathized, busy in the kitchen making chicken gumbo. Chicken gumbo!! She eagerly enlisted my help. I eagerly gave it. There was wine involved. I drank some. Had to. No choice, really. Julia Child once said “I always cook with wine; sometimes I even put it in the food”, but gumbo doesn’t really need wine and we had to do something with it. Just one small glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Half a glass. But my whole house smells like gumbo, which, for those deprived among you, those who have never experienced gumbo, is an intoxication of the most elevated and elevating kind.

Eleven days.

Eleven days until real launch day: Today is the ninth of October. the book goes live on Amazon on the twentieth. Right now only the eBook is available for pre-order on Amazon, but on Thursday (one week before launch day) the paperback, at least, should also be available. You should buy one. Or two.

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By Ullman