Paperback in my hand.


I just got delivery of a paperback copy. What a crazy feeling to see the real thing, the printed thing, in my hand.

In the acknowledgement section at the back of the book I thanked a lot of people, including the two editors who helped me along the path from early draft to the finished story, and all my Beta readers, but there are a few others I should thank.

First, I should thank my daughter Kate (Katherine U. Kim on Amazon, ), for pushing by example: she has published more than twenty urban fantasy books by now, and continues to write several per year. I’m slow and skimpy by comparison: I now, finally, have one book out. One. My son Gage (check it out here: ) has the first two issues of a dystopian graphic horror novel out as well. I had to do something to catch up with my children, although at this point, I think that’s a lost cause. They’re too far ahead of me and moving much faster.

But that’s ok. I’m still happy with my single book so far, and happy working on the next.

I also want to thank Shaun Loftus, the Book Whisperer. She and her team have guided this book brilliantly through these last few months.

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By Ullman