A walk in the park


I walked along the Rock Creek paths today, through woods, walking in the shade of the trees where the wind was light but very cold. Walking is my only exercise since Covid pushed us all apart for a time. That’s one good reason to do it, even in the cold. But also, solitary walking is supposed to be good for creativity. I need that. I’m trying to make progress on another book about the Téuta. So as I walk I imagine the characters in this book, and how this walk would have been for them, and what they would have done in this cold day.

There are places along my usual route where imagined scenes like that are easy. I took a short video of one of them, a small tributary to Rock Creek and I thought I’d try to share that here. For those who have read The Téuta’s Child, you can imagine Kaikos here, or Sntejo, walking along a rill in the folded earth near their town. Or imagine Welo here during the long years when he was alone.

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By Ullman